Sunday 25th April 2010 - Married for 3638 days

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How we met...

I was visiting my auntie in the summer 10 years ago craig was a friend of my cousin. After spending the week getting to know each other, including a first kiss on the ghost train at Alton Towers and a date to see the film Never been Kissed and a McDonalds (Retro!?!)
After 3 years of very expensive phone bills and countless coach trips every weekend we moved in together.
Three beautiful sons and sadly one lost along the way we are so excited that our time has finally come

The proposal...

Our first holiday away together I had my eye on a dress in a boutique all through the first week. Craig gave me the money to buy it and sent me happy smiley on my way while he went shopping for 'family gifts.'
I returned to be told we were going for a meal at the nicest restaurant on the island.
Doning my new dress and craig looking very handsome we were on our way.
We were a little early so craig suggested we take wa walk along the beach front. As the sun was setting we stood looking out to sea on a balcony over the beach.
It was here that craig got down on one knee (having rang to ask my dad permission earlier in the day) saying how he knew what it was like to be without me and never wanted to be again. The exact words are a blur caused by the over whelming excitment.
Needless to say I was giddy throughout our meal after been greeted by the entire staff bearing champagne and stawberries. I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman!
It turns out that craig had actually been ring shopping earlier that day and had had to ring the bank in England to life his credit card limit to afford the ring after realising how much i would love it and knowing it was made for me!